5 Reasons why H.E.R. is the future of RnB

  1. SHE IS A REVOLUTIONARY! Gabi Wilson releases her music under the acronym H.E.R. which stands for “Having Everything Revealed”. Contrary to her name, she’s always wearing sunglasses, not revealing her face because she wants people to focus on her music, not her looks. I think I don’t have to mention how revolutionary this is in today’s Instagram society!!
  2. SHE EMPOWERS WOMEN! She is that much needed, super real, female RnB artist that empowers women by being an example for embracing vulnerability and real emotions. Perfect < Real
  3. SHE IS MAD TALENTED! She performed “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys on America’s Got Talent when she was only 10 years old, playing the piano and singing as if she hadn’t done anything else since the day she was born. Watch the video and tell me she wasn’t put on this planet to do this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnOjwFWkFFA
  4. SHE IS A BORN POET! She started writing poetry when she was 5 years old, so basically as soon as she knew how to write and you can tell how gifted she is by the way she takes real, honest emotions and transforms them into beautiful poetic song lyrics.
  5. RIHANNA LOVES HER! I mean come on that basically says it all. When RiRi posted a a video of herself on Instagram with “Focus” playing in the background everyone was dying to know who the artist behind this magical song was. She also got major celebrity support from artists like Usher, Alicia Keys, Tyrese, Pusha T, Wyclef Jean and of course Bryson Tiller who she supported on his “Set It Off” Tour.

I know I said “5 Reasons” but I gotta add that her live performances are magical! I am very grateful that I’ve been at her very first concert in Germany and I am telling you this girl has a stage presence like no other. She switches so effortlessly between playing the guitar, the keyboard and the electric guitar while filling the room with her love radiating soulful voice. No shiny outfit, flashing lights or backup dancers needed.


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