7 songs you need on your Spring break playlist

That feeling when the sun rays warm your face, birds are chirping and for the first time in months you seriously consider going for an iced coffee instead of a hot chocolate! Yup it’s officially Spring time and what would a sunny day be without a the right soundtrack you feel me? See… one doesn’t simply walk down the street! Putteth thy headphones into thy ears and feeleth the vibes!

Amindi K Frost - Pine & Ginger

Pine & Ginger – Amindi K. Fro$t, Tessellated, Valleyz

Beautiful L.A. singer Amindi K. Fro$t, Tessellated who was born in Kingston, Jamaica and producer Valleyz created this super chill track that will definitely put you in the mood for warmer days. My personal suggestion is to sip on a Pineapple Ginger Smoothie while listening to this 😉

Tomi Agape - Breeze

Breeze – Tomi Agape

Yes this track by Nigerian UK-based singer Tomi Agape is only 1:45 long and it doesn’t have very complex lyrics but it comes with such a vibe that it can’t be missing from your playlist! Also I would like to take a moment to appreciate the fact that the second verse of this song sounds like it’s taken straight out of a beautiful love poem:

“The feeling that I get whenever that you look my way (oh nana oh nana), and when our skin collides, the Earth, the moon, the stars can all feel that it’s right”

Mahalia - Hold on

Hold On – Mahalia, Buddy

UK singer Mahalia reuniting with a guy from her past, talking some real talk – I love me a track with a nice little story and message! Side Note: Buddy who is taking the perspective of the guy from the past on this song just recently released his single “Black” with A$AP Ferg.

Up to You - Show Dem Camp

Up To You (Ikon Mix) – Show Dem Camp, Funbi

This track by Nigerian rap duo Show Dem Camp and the singer Funbi (all members of the Collectiv3 click here for their website) is such a vibe you will have it on repeat. I could try to describe it but I’m just gonna link the music video here thank me later!

Leap of Faith - Juls

My Wave – Juls, Sona, Odunsi (The Engine)

This gem is my personal favourite off of Ghanaian producer Juls’ 2017 album “Leap of Faith”. Imagine taking a walk by the beach the sun is slowly starting to set, waves crashing at your feet, you feel a warm Summer breeze on your skin… Listen to it and you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Sweetest Life - KWAYE

Sweetest Life – KWAYE

Zimbabwe-born singer KWAYE is definitely an artist to watch! He has only released his debut EP “Solar” in 2017 but I’m sure there’s a lot more where that came from. With his amazing outfits and unique dancing style in his music videos you could definitely call him the male answer to FKA Twigs. Now do me a favour and re-enact the music video to this song. Yup that’s what I call Spring vibes!

Wale - It's Complicated EP

Effortless – Wale

Who else is excited that Wale is back with that new new this month? Even though my favourite line from this 4-track EP is actually from a song called “Black Bonnie” feat. Jacquees where Wale goes “Let’s spray paint the Trump Towers, letters, U and I”. The song “Effortless”, however, is an essential on this list because it has birds chirping in the background! Whuut? And besides that it is the perfect soundtrack for you Spring love story. I quote: “I want it as is, such a natural beauty, are you even real? Are you doing this to me? You’re my favorite thrill, and there is no rush, but I think the universe is speaking to us”. You’re welcome!

Listen to these songs and more sunny vibes on my “Pon di Island” playlist right here.


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