Fresh vibes from HONNE

The English duo HONNE, consisting of James Hatcher and Andy Clutterbuck,just released a 2-track EP that will brighten your day. The two, who actually met at university, released their debut single “Warm on a Cold Night” in 2014 and have been providing us with major vibes ever since. The name “HONNE” is a Japanese word meaning “real intention” and the realness in their lyrics combined with their unique futuristic electro-rnb sound is definitely what makes them stand out.

The first track on their new EP called “Day 1” is a super light and happy love song that I suggest listening to while driving with your windows rolled down. “When I first met you, it just felt right, it’s like I met a copy of myself that night, I don’t believe in fate and such but we were meant to be together that’s my hunch”, they sing and isn’t that just beautiful? SO beautiful!

The second track called “Sometimes” is a bit heavier and more for when you’re a bit in your feelings. The intro is kinda giving me Kanye West “Lost in the World” vibes with it’s autotunish thoughtfulness. Basically the song is about regrets about a lost relationship, self-doubts and like, realizing stuff. Yup I just quoted Kylie Jenner wow so sorry.

Just listen to it here


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