The original The Weeknd is back

So am I the only one that is blown away today?? Probably not! After his 2016 album “Starboy” that featured his popular, in my opinion, pretty mainstream singles “I Feel It Coming” and “Starboy” which were playing on every radio station, he is back! And I mean the “House of Balloons” / “Echoes of Silence” The Weeknd is back! There’s just a certain kind of nostalgia that I have about him which makes me want him to be successful but not played EVERYWHERE. The Weeknd’s music is a limited edition pair of sneakers that only sees the daylight on special occasions, the rest of the time it has it’s special place in your room where it brings you joy because it is so beautiful! Also you only show it to your real friends who get it!

His new project “My Dear Melancholy” is actually not an album but a 6 track EP. I mean DUH! Quantity over quality my friends! All the songs are slow and dark and would be a bit depressing, if they weren’t so brilliant. Classic The Weeknd. Basically the whole album is about failed relationships, and the hurt that comes with it. So dramatically artistic, it’s beautiful. My personal favourite is “Call Out My Name” because it is just super sad and real and honest, “I said I didn’t feel nothing baby but I lied, I almost cut a piece of myself for your life, guess I was just another pit stop, til you made up your mind”, he sings. My personal slogan for this EP – So tragic, it’s magic. Enjoy!


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