You NEED some NAAZ

You don’t know who NAAZ is? If you’re reading this it’s not too late! NAAZ is a Kurdish girl from the Netherlands who’s only 19 years old. She writes, records and produces her music herself in her freaking bedroom (wow, I know right?) and even though I haven’t met her I feel like she’s the most authentic and sincere person ever. This shows in her lyrics which are like little beautiful poems scribbled into a notebook. In fact, this is how she discovered her love for music, by starting to sing the poems she had been writing since she was 6 years old. You know how they say some people are really old souls? That is definitely the case with NAAZ.

Her debut single “Words” was released a year ago when she had just started producing herself but that just proves she was born to do this. The track (which is my personal favorite by her) is also featured on her debut EP “Bits of NAAZ” which just dropped two days ago on April 20. There are 8 songs on the EP and each one tells a story. I would describe her sound as hopeful, honest and liberating. Her music is meaningful but not heavy, which is not an easy thing to create. Her EP tells a story about taking risks, going for your goals, believing in yourself and living life to the fullest. Her song “Pretty” is an anthem about embracing who you are; “Sometimes I’m insecure, at least I’m sure ’bout that, but does it really matter when I know it ain’t all ’bout that, you can go feel my energy, it’s nothing but good vibes, nothing really matters, no I ain’t gotta hide”, she sings. And we’re all like hell yeah! Good vibes only!

So what are you waiting for? Go listen to her NOW!

Oh wait! One more thing, NAAZ is a huge Kanye fan and she recorded the most magical otherworldly cover of one of my all-time favorite Kanye songs “Ultralight Beam”, where she even kills Chance The Rapper’s part, so make sure you go check that out on Spotify as well! K, now you can go.


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