Artist to Watch – Cris V

So today I want to give you that new new, that freshest of the freshest. I want to introduce you to an artist who I know for sure you haven’t heard of yet. His name is Cris V, he’s from Long Beach, California and he’s 26 years old. I think every artist is unique and no two voices really sound the same BUT I can’t hold back from saying that Cris’ voice is giving me some serious nostalgic Musiq Soulchild vibes in the best way possible! When he sings he’s transferring his positive energy onto his listener and it feels like he’s telling you a story.

On his Soundcloud you can listen to the development of his songs over the past 3 years. His lyrics are real, honest and relatable and most likely to have you in your feelings a bit. My personal favorite of his Soundcloud songs is “Too Much“, so make sure you check that one out.

Now, Cris has released his first EP called “Note To My Younger Self”. His first single from that is “Where I’m From”, a suuper chill song that includes jammy guitar sounds and a very smoothly embedded rap part. You should also watch the video because it’s NICE. In the end he says “This is the type of joint that you can play back to back, back to back, it’s old school, it’s like putting on a record player, walking down the street with the walkman on” and I completely agree. On the track “Teenager” he sings about his first love, the struggle that is connected to that and the hope that they might have a chance of getting back together in the future. My favorite song on the EP is “Good Enough”, a song about an insecure girl who he is telling that she is beautiful the way she is. Kind of like the smoother R&B version of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction haha and I love that song so this is definitely a compliment. All in all, I think Cris is just getting started and this EP shows his great talent and potential, I can’t wait to see where it will take him.

So go check him out and tell me what you think. And remember where you heard it first.


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