Chantel it was worth the… WAIT

So a lot of you probably know Chantel Jeffries aka Ceejay The DJ from Instagram. At first glance you could think she’s just another Instagram model – pretty and flawless and yeah that’s it. BUT there’s a lot more to this girl than just her looks. If you follow her on Snapchat you know she’s a big science nerd, loves math, watches Cosmos and likes to share some pretty deep thoughts about life in general.

Lately she’s been shifting her focus from fashion to music by working as a DJ with the help of her close friend Diplo and after hinting at it for a long time she just revealed her first project. Jeffries is the first to sign to Universal Music Group’s new “10:22pm” label and just released her debut single “Wait” produced and co-written by her, features Offset and Vory. The track has a unique sound and lightness to it and somehow sounds like big city life, club nights and making the best out of life’s struggles.

The visuals to the song, which Chantel previewed on her Instagram earlier, show Vory and her in a science lab which is a nice little reference to her nerdy side. Jeffries’ debut EP “Calculated Luck” is coming out later this year, the exact date hasn’t been announced yet, so I guess we gotta just…WAIT.


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