5 unexpectedly great songs on repeat this week

I feel like it’s always good to be open to different music genres and listen to songs freely without trying to categorize them. This week there are 5 new songs that are either from artists you probably haven’t heard of or artists you’re not particularly a fan of. But trust me they’re really great pieces of musical work, so relatable, they’re pretty likely to move you in some way, unless you don’t have a heart of course. In that case, leave this page right now and go listen to some angry trap (don’t get me wrong, I love me some angry trap music from time to time). Anyways, here we go.

Back 2 you - Selena Gomez

Back to You – Selena Gomez
This is a song about not being able to let go of that one particular person no matter how hard you try. What I love about this song is that Selena manages to convey this feeling without using a lot of big words. The line “You could break my heart in two, but when it heals it beats for you” is both tragic and genius at the same time. Also the chorus is very car-driving-shoutable. So Go Gomez! You did that!


Sunglasses - Hopium

Sunglasses – Hopium
This one is just greatness! I am personally a big fan of subtle, ironic metaphors for big feelings and what is greater than the line “I keep my sunglasses on so you can’t see inside my soul”. Also this basically describes our whole generation, always having their guard up, trying to avoid real feelings at any cost. I also highly suggest watching the video to the song right here!


Obvious - Shaqdi

Obvious – Shaqdi
Pure driving-into-a-sunset-with-your-windows-rolled-down-vibes! I suggest turning the volume all the way up on this one in order to be able to hear all the details of this unique sound. My favourite line in this is “So visible like cellophane, you can see right through me, so obvious”. Yessss!!


Charlie Puth - Voicenotes

Patient – Charlie Puth
This mellow track from his album “Voicenotes” is a heartfelt apology, which mainly lives from its chill sound and Charlie’s soothing voice. He’s singing to a girl that he wants to be patient with him because he seems like he’s not quite ready to give her what she deserves yet. It’s up to you if you want to believe him when he says “I know I’m not what you need, but baby I’m gonna be”. I’m not sure if I do but what I believe for sure is that this is a great song.


Roll (Burbank Funk) Kaytranada Remix - The Internet

Roll (Burbank Funk) –  The Internet (Kaytranada Remix)
When I heard the original song I was super excited of course because it had been some time since the last The Internet release and it’s a great vibey song no doubt. But I’m telling you when I heard the Kaytranada remix…YO! I really think Kaytranada is able to make every great song a thousand times greater by remixing it. It’s like he comes down from another planet in his spaceship every now and then in order to bless us with another otherwordly remix that will have you feeling like you’re floating in space yourself for a second. At this point I would like to suggest you listen to one of my favourite Kaytranada remixes “Be Your Girl” right here, which is unfortunately only available on Soundcloud until this day.
If you like these songs and want to stay updated on the latest music releases then go follow my “Freshnesss” Spotify playlist where I filter out the best new music for you every Friday. You’re welcome!


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