Pusha T’s DAYTONA bringing back real bars, no prison

Pusha T finally released his Kanye produced album!! The fact that his fans had to wait for it for more than 2 years is addressed with the title; “DAYTONA” represents the fact that I have the luxury of time. That luxury only comes when u have a skill set that your confident in.”, he wrote on Twitter. Alright Pusha you got it.

Just by pressing play on the first song of this album you know this is on some different level!! He’s one of the few rappers who doesn’t rely on a great beat to bring his message across. I like to call him Pusha (Acous) T, don’t mind if I do. But seriously, he’s a spitta with an attitude and this is what makes his songs and this album so fiyaaaah. Don’t get me wrong though, the vintage beats a la Kanye are perfection, too. It’s true artistry to paint a complete picture with music and this album is definitely colored in the Yeezy clothing color range. And on tracks like “Come Back Baby” which features a sample by The Mighty Hannibal from “The Truth Shall Make You Free”, a song about cocaine addiction, the clothes are definitely ripped.

My personal favorite track, sound-work-wise, is “Santeria”. This 2:56 track features a dark chorus in Spanish delivered by 070 Shake’s special voice. Just a crazyyy vibe.

Another highlight is a song called “What Would Meek Do?” featuring “The Kanye” himself, where he refers to the irony of his “Poop Song”, demonstrating that it was his way of not taking his haters seriously. “Everything Ye says cause a new debate”, he raps and about his career in fashion he says “It won’t feel right ’til I feel like Phil Knight”. That’s the legendary founder of Nike, in case you didn’t know. Yeah, big plans. I’ll deliberately try to avoid going into the whole Kanye craziness debate on here though and instead focus on this great album and give you some of my favorite quotes from DAYTONA:

“Play amongst the stars like the roof in the Wraith,
Get the table next to mine, make our bottle servers race” (The Games We Play)

“The Warhols on my wall paint a war story,
Had to find other ways to invest
cause you rappers found every way to ruin Pateks” (Hard Piano)

“See these diamonds on this watch face?
All that shit came from pressure” (Come Back Baby)

“And all praise, no jail bars can save,
Leave you like Malcolm where X marks your grave” (Santeria)

“I let the moneys and the fools talk,
I let the jewels and the hues talk
Watch face came with a fuse box” (What Would Meek Do)

I deliberately picked the ones that weren’t direct references to cocaine or his drug dealing career because there’s a lot more to this man than that. So even if you think you can’t relate, I’m pretty sure you will love this album anyways.

On another note, why Kanye had to throw away the original artwork in the very last minute in order to replace it with a picture of Whitney Houston’s bathroom during the peak of her drug addiction…I don’t know. Like yeah I get it, the drug theme of the album, controversy, maybe generate some more press. But really Kanye is that worth paying $85,000 for a picture and using a very personal story of someone without asking for approval from the family just to provoke and sell more? So everyone do me a favour and isolate this incident from the overall greatness of the album.






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