Why Ye is indeed too complex for Complex

Daaaaamn Kanyeee! What has probably been the most anticipated album of 2018 is finally out and if you’re like me you’ve probably already listened to it about 25 times by now. Which isn’t too crazy considering it only consists of 7 songs. So first of all I would like to acknowledge the fact that Kanye always manages to come out with something that doesn’t sound like anything you’ve ever heard before. The unexpected pauses, the distortions, the use of samples, the turnarounds, the speed switches, a bit skewed, a little trippy… I could go on and on. That being said, referring to his lyrical style I call it “maniac real talk”. You can say whatever you want about Kanye but no one can deny that this guy is not afraid of speaking what’s on his mind. And while I’m not saying you should have no filter at all and take drugs, I still think we would all be better off if we would try to be at least a bit more like Kanye. Practice some self-reflection, accept your flaws, speak your mind and do whatever you feel inspired to do.

Alright now, I’m not gonna go into detail analyzing every single track of the album on here, this is what RapGenius is for, everyone. So instead I’ll take Kanye’s example and make it short and to the point:

Track1: I Thought About Killing You
This half speech, half rap track is real talk by Kanye about dark thoughts and unapologetically speaking your mind, “People say don’t do this, don’t say this, don’t say that, just say it out loud, just to see how it feels, weigh all the options, nothing’s off the table” he says, clearly referring to his extensive word vomits on twitter lately. He speaks about his unconventional way of thinking, his infamous self-love and also refers to bankruptcy and the fact that he got himself out of it and came back even stronger. With this first track of the album Kanye makes sure each and every one of his listeners moves a bit closer to the speaker and pays real attention to him. Yeah, you can be sure Kanye doesn’t do anything without an intention.

Track 2: Yikes
On this track Kanye addresses his opioid addiction and him overcoming it “I think Prince and Mike was tryna warn me, they know I got demons all on me, devil been tryna make an army, they been strategizin’ to harm me, they don’t know they dealin’ with a zombie”. Meanwhile, he’s also making sure to let everyone know that women are still all over him no matter if he’s sane or not. Typical Kanye.

Track 3: All Mine
Hands down, this one is probably one of the most savage songs I’ve ever heard. Not only because of lines like “I could have Naomi Campbell and still might want me a Stormy Daniels” (I admit I had to google her, Stormy Daniels is a porn star), but also “Sometimes you gotta bag the boss up, I call that taking Corey Gambles” (I mean he’s talking about his mother in law and her boyfriend here guys haha) and “All these thots on Christian Mingle, almost what got Tristan single, if you don’t ball like him or Kobe, guarantee that bitch gonna leave you” (taking a shot at his sister and law for taking her cheating baby daddy back). Damn Kanye!!! And not to forget the most hilarious line of the whole album “I love your titties, ’cause they prove, I can focus on two things at once”. A nice little reference to the simplicity of the male brain.

Track 4: Wouldn’t Leave
This is basically Kanye thanking Kim for sticking with him through all his craziness, and addressing his crazy twitter rants, “I live for now, I don’t know what happen after here” yes Kanye we’ve noticed that haha. The best thing about this song, though, is Kanye thanking all the women that had to deal with their mens’ stupidity “For every down female that stuck with they dude through the best times, through the worst times, this for you”. Thanks, Kanye.

Track 5: No Mistakes
This track, featuring Charlie Wilson and Kid Cudi, talking about his debt and mental health struggles, features this epic typical Kanye line “I had debt on my books, it’s been a shaky ass year, let me make this clear, so all y’all see, I don’t take advice from people less successful than me” Only Kanye can admit a mistake and still be arrogant in the same sentence”. He also fires back at Drake in probably the smoothest way ever “These two wrongs’ll right you, I was too grown in high school, the true soul of Ice Cube, too close to snipe you, truth told, I like you, too bold to type you, too rich to fight you, calm down, you light skin”. Don’t get me wrong I like Drake but…hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahha.

Track 6: Ghost Town
A very metaphorical track about mistakes and regret and fighting the struggle while trying to remain hopeful, including what is in my opinion, one of the most genius parts sung by 070 Shake, “We’re still the kids we used to be, I put my hand on a stove, to see if I still bleed and nothing hurts anymore, I feel kinda free”. Let that sink in!

Track 7: Violent Crimes
Fun Fact: RapGenius thought that the 070 Shake part on this one was Dej Loaf and they’ve just changed it. Not so genius muahaha anywayys…this is probably my favourite song of the album because it talks about the fact that it takes most men having a daugther to realize that women should be respected and appreciated, “‘Cause now I see women as somethin’ to nurture not somethin’ to conquer”. Nuff said.

So if you haven’t done so already, listen to this piece of art right now!! Oh and if you have anything to criticize, remember Ye doesn’t take advice from people less successful than him.


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