Jay Rock is so underrated

Jay Rock just released his new album “Redemption” and it just shows once again that he is super underrated. Him always being a bit in the shadow of other artists like Kendrick, it is just great to see him shining with this new piece of work.

When he released “WIN” the other day I knew that the album was going to be fire. It’s a track that has this 2Chainz simplicity greatness and wit if you know what I’m talking about. On first hearing it your initial reaction is probably wtf? but then you slowly start to realize how genius it is. And if you put this one on first thing in the morning there’s no way it’s not going to be a great day.

But unlike “WIN”, the album mostly consists of very self-reflected songs like “For What It’s Worth”, one of my personal favourites that includes metaphors like “you get amnesia to everything that you was loyal to”, very clever Jay! “Struggle with who I am and who I wanna be, got the streets and these beats right in front of me”, he raps and even if you’re not in these streets you really feel that.

Another highlight on this album is the track named after the album “Redemption” featuring the magical SZA. It’s about making the most of life because you never know when it could be over. The narrative delivery by Jay and SZA is so out of the box and graphic, it’s beautiful. Lines like “Instagram’s a dead man’s best friend, everybody looking for likes but wasn’t liking you win, you needed something to hold on dealing with life stress” are prove for Jay Rock’s brilliant style. And my favorite line:

“I should’ve gave you more trust, more love, no lies, more us, cause when my motorcycle crashed and everyone left, you was that angel in surgery saying I ain’t done yet”

Just let that sink in #deepshit

Besides that Jay serves us songs like the laid back “Knock It Off” and “Troopers”, the raw and rough “ES Tales”, head nodder (yes I just made that category up) “Rotation 112th” and the critical, lyrically elevated “Broke +-” (if someone says “aah I don’t know about Jay Rock I think he’s pretty average” play them this song and they’ll be real quiet, real quick).

The features on this album besides SZA are Kendrick of course on “Wow Freestyle” and the epic “King’s Dead” with Future and James Blake (looove that song even though it’s been out for a while now). And Jeremih on the bumpy “Tap Out” #ayeee and J. Cole & SiR on “OSOM” which includes one of the, in my opinion, deepest lines of the entire album

“Hope you worth more than your Rolex when you run up outta time”

sheeeeesh! I’ll leave you with that. Just listen to it yourself.


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