There’s a silver Lie Ning!

First of all, excuse my terrible word play in the heading…but I am very excited to introduce you to a super bright new light on the artistic horizon today! 22-year old Lie Ning is a ridiculously talented musician from my favourite German city, Berlin. He has just released his debut single “Tonight” this month but I am sure that every single person listening to it will just be dying to hear more from him!

Undoubtedly, Lie Ning has been blessed with an incredible voice which is as dark as the night sky, as warm as a Summer’s night and full of glitter like the milky way. Wow, yes I realise that this metaphor was a bit corny but listen to it and you will get what I mean.

His song “Tonight” is about fully trusting another person with all of your heart and knowing you can rely on them no matter what happens. It’s a song about the unconditional love that every one of us is seeking and I love how Lie Ning reminds us that we are all one, we are connected and therefore no one should feel like they are alone. I think that’s so, so beautiful.

So I’d suggest you listen to the song now, follow him on Instagram @lie__ning and patiently wait for his upcoming debut album “Traffic Songs for the In-Betweens”.


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