The Hottest Winter Ever

Brace yourselves and your elves (in case you’re in the Christmas mood already like me)…Fabolous just released his third Summertime Shootout project. And yes, I might be a bit biased about it, because Fabolous has been my favourite rapper since the Soul Tapes, BUT he just never fails to deliver. I always tell people, there’s a Fabolous quote for every situation and I might release a book titled “The wisdom of Fabolous” in the future, who knows.

Also this one has some really amazing features on it with Jaquees, Jeremih, Davido, Ty Dolla $ign, Chris Brown and a rapping Teyana Taylor (!!) amongst others. And the use of The Dream’s “I Luv Your Girl” sample on “Insecure” is extremely genius. But now I’m just going to let the lyrics speak for themselves. So here goes my personal quotable highlights (feel free to use them for your IG captions), you’re welcome!

Cold Summer:
“Not to bring up bullshit, I’m not a plunger dawg.”

“When you’re balling you the n**** that they got their eye on, so I think I know just how it feel to be a Zion.” (For those of you, who don’t know, this is a reference to Dwayne Wade’s son Zion Wade following in his father’s footsteps)

“You the great hope and a scapegoat, you gon’ have to make quotes and take notes, and some can’t take smoke so they may choke, but those who learn to make boats, stay afloat.”  (Do you know how to make boats? They really don’t teach you anything useful in school smh)

“But know my story gets better cause I know the author” (insert Eddie Murphy meme which actually isn’t Eddie Murphy but actor Kayode Ewumi)

“Not from Chicago but too shy to speak, ask where was Waldo, I’m too hide and seek”
(I feel a bit annoying explaining the references because I said I would let the lyrics speak for themselves lol but “too shy / CHI to speak”, Chicago is also called Chi-Town, anyways I’ll shut up now)

“I thought you could’ve been Jordan, found out that you wasn’t even Ben Gordon, next one get flewed out, I’m keepin’ them boardin’, like Toni Kukoč, I’m foreign importing”

Talk To Me Nicely:
“Livin’ fastly, never feisty, yeah, keep it shiny, never shiesty, yeah”

“Drip no good, that’s style from the tap”

“Big diamonds so we ball like Mets, been doing this, so we all like Vets” 
(Okay I know I said I would stop explaining stuff but how genius is this? “Ball like Mets” – because the Mets are a baseball team and “diamonds” because there is a ball (!!) called the Met gala where people wear diamonds!!! This even makes me forgive him for making this song with Lil Dork uhm..excuse me, I mean Lil Durk of course)

Gone For The Summer:
“I never brag, how real I keep it? That’s my best secret, nowadays they’ll prolly leak it”

“You make it out, now the hood jealous, stay on your toes like a foot fetish”

“Let’s keep it a hunnid, even Benjamin got a big head, money changes small faces and the big heads, we was doin’ smalls ’till we got big bread, two words, I’m gone, like Big said” (Hi it’s me again just checking in and making sure that you understood that this is a Notorious B.I.G. reference, k bye)

“Put that A to the K, put the to 4 to the 7, for the brag get blown out of your Jordan 11’s”

“Sometimes the dumb shit will make you come with something clever, sometimes it gotta fall apart just to come together, life get puzzlin’ but I make the pieces thick, try to pull my card but I make them pieces hit, will never let you assholes make me a piece of shit, could’ve went to war but I made my peace with it”

“They ain’t paid attention, teams break up over player tension, you ain’t ready gotta play the bench then”

“Ice water bath, jeweller put my name in script, that’s an ice autograph”

“Lookin’ like you wouldn’t pass a diamond testing, boy, that shit fake in your ring, fuck you wrestling, boy?”

“See the chill me that’s the real me, but when you force my hand I’ma play the cards you deal me” (This is a mic drop moment)

Seasons Change:
“I found out Kiki didn’t love me, she ain’t been ridin’, she just been hidin’, sprinter doors, slidin'”

“Thought I had you but I had to learn, I ain’t had you, I just had my turn” (damn, that’s tough)

My Mind:
“Put them rocks on her body like a stone massage, doors go up on the car like the home garage” (Clever, really clever!)

“Got you all up in my thought process, no more dreamin’ ’bout you, time to let them thoughts progress, turnin’ into reality like it’s Love & Hip Hop, haters can’t stand the rain but watchin’ every drip-drop”

“They gassin’ up rumors and shit, well they gotta catch me in traffic I’ll be your number one draft pick, just gotta choose me”

“You move right or get left, only option, if you ain’t with the gang, you the opps then, got plays like a sport center, top ten, get popped or get dropped, you got options”

“We ball but we ain’t actually hoopers, I don’t save ’em, but the bag be super, I’m the American Sniper, call me Fabley Cooper” (fyi this is a word play on actor Bradley Cooper)

“If you ain’t trying to cut, don’t come where the knives are, baby, I’m Players Club like Lisa Raye, you Insecure like Issa Rae” (by the way I miss that show, can we get another season?)

“Betrayal is the new trend, loyalty is vintage now, if she owe you she gon’ pay you back with interests now” (and again..damn.)

“Lookin’ back though I thought you was a friend of me, when enemies pose as friends call ’em frenemies, ’cause every hand ain’t helpin’ that extend to me, and most ain’t as happy for you as they pretend to be”

“My energy, keep that same inner G, when you mix friend with foe, that’s a deadly synergy”

“Lovers and haters are like two of the same kind, both of them feelings can make you do the same crime”

“Never value the length of the relationship, over the strength of the relationship, ’cause the ones that knew you long will still do you wrong, if you don’t know you better go and get your Google on”

“I got the scoop for ice and cream, they wanna bask and rob me, take me out this world, tryna astronaut me” (This is a Baskin Robbins reference, they sell ice cream)

“But we got time in and I’m tryna do life, got a ring to go with it, if you tryna be wife, ’cause this lifestyle savage and it kinda be trife, it’s so many backstabbers at your spine with a knife, but her, she ain’t no bust down thotiana, so she get to bust down, watchiana” (okay I admit the “watchiana” wordplay is a bit corny lol)

“They always tellin’ me that time is money, but I never could do shit with that, ’cause the money come the money go, but the time you never get it back” (word)

“So cherish the time you was given, be thankful you eatin’ not just on Thanksgiving, you can right your wrongs as long as your living, I don’t ask to be forgotten, I just ask to be forgiven”

Us vs. The World:
“Nothing worse than havin’ things you ain’t get to say, love you’s, miss you’s, hug you’s, kiss you’s, ups and downs and struggles, issues, made us stronger, kept us closer, this thing of ours like La Costra Nostra” (so the movie is actually called “La Cosa Nostra” so I haven’t quite figured out why he says “Costra”, maybe as a reference to cost? If anyone has a theory lmk)

“They ain’t know that throwin’ salt just season our flavor, you and me against the world, the odds in our favor” (Yessss flavawww)

Too Late:
“Real love don’t fade, real friends don’t shade” (It’s true, they don’t!)

“But the oxymoron is expectin’ love from a hater”

“Too many people in our bidness that we didn’t invite, they all saints when they speak on someone else’s sin right?” (This is sooo real!)

“They say better late than never, I say never late is better, ’cause to you they might be patient, but they never wait forever” (Plays “Good Ones Go” by Drake)

“Pain in your heart, turn that pain into art, try to shed some light on and don’t just paint in the dark” (This is actually a really beautiful mental health awareness line)

“But you learn from your mistake so keep on making ’em, if you’re not careful with their hearts, you keep on breaking ’em”

“I’m from the era where father figures we never had, but somehow not havin’ dads made us better dads” (In my opinion, this song is the realest on the whole album)


okay I’m done.

Listen to the album!!






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