2020 Sound

It’s New Music Friday, my favourite day of the week, and not because it’s Friday.

Khalid released a song called “Eleven” and I was really hyped about it because 11 is my lucky number and tonight is a Full Moon Eclipse and tomorrow is the 11th. Anyways…it’s a beautiful song but my expectations for it were so high that I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed.

Also Drake released a song called “Life is Good” with Future but I feel like they planned the video first and then put two of their songs together that they had pre-recorded just lying around. And I love how Drake forced Future to act just because he enjoys acting, Future clearly is pretty talent-free when it comes to that. I’ll link the video below, the story is corny as hell and Future is Future, even as a garbage man, but hey, it’s directed by Director X so at least it looks good.

Alright, what else…John Legend released another corny love song called “Conversations in the Dark” that I would actually listen to until it’s played on the radio and Yxng Bane isn’t blonde anymore and so instead of Summer vibes he’s giving us ‘Gang Shit’ now.

So as usual, the “less mainstream” artists win. I’d recommend that you listen to:
“Love Em Leave Em” by Amindi and Kari Faux
“Osan” by Fiokee, Teni and DJ Coublon
“Not Today Mate” by Yasmin Lacey
“1AM” by Kida Kudz and Jaykae and
“4am” by Ragz Originale and ELIZA.

But as always, you’ll find all the new music that’s worth listening to on my FRESHNESSS (yes 3 S) Playlist. I update it every week. Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!


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