Friday, Next Friday, Friday After Next…

…New Music Friday! DJ Chainless back at it again with the hottest and coldest freshly released tunes! So fresh they still smell like paint! Alright so Tory Lanez released a song called ‘Numb’ with Brianna Cash where he, surprise, surprise uses a sample, to be honest it took me a while to figure out where I know it from. Essentially, you’ll know it from the same song as I did, which is the Double Take Remix of “Stutter” by Joe, released in 2000. BUT they actually took that sample from the beginning of Quincy Jones’ song “Summer in the City” which came out in freaking 1973! Damn, sometimes I wish I could produce my own songs. Never say never right? Speaking of which, there’s this hilarious guy on Twitter called Justin Bernardez, he does these “How to make a *insert artist* song in 1 minute” and it’s pretty genius. Here’s the link to the Tory Lanez version.

And then, Thundercat is finally back! On Wednesday he came out with the first single of his next album “It Is What It Is” which is coming out on April 3rd this year! The new single called “Black Qualls” is a collaboration with 80s singer Steve Arrington (his song “Feels So Real” is on my ISSA VIBE Spotify Playlist because it is a vibe) and the amazing Steve Lacey (If you haven’t yet, listen to his album “Apollo XXI).

Another song I’d recommend you listen to is “C-Side” which is a collaboration between Leon Bridges and this super cool Soul/Funk Band called Khruangbin. A perfect match for my “CHAI LATTE” Spotify playlist, which I’ve recently renamed from Soy Latte to Chai Latte because I don’t drink coffee anymore. Always gotta stay true to yourself, you know. My playlists are a part of me and so they evolve with me.

Also you definitely need to listen to “A Muse” by dvsn, “BUSSIT” by Ari Lennox and my personal highlight “Fly” by Davion Farris (never heard of him but his voice is pretty nice) and Deee Smoooke *Chance The Rapper voice*. I don’t know if you’ve watched “Rhythm + Flow” on Netflix. If you haven’t, it’s a surprisingly good ‘casting show’ hosted by Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and T.I. and, spoiler alert, D Smoke is the winner of that show. What I love about him is that when he raps it feels like he’s talking to you and the words just happen to be rhyming at the same time and this man just switches to Spanish so smoothly and manages to not make it sound tacky at all. I know he’ll make a song with Kendrick Lamar in the future and, I’m calling it now, it will be breathtakingly deep and a banger at the same damn time!

Listen to all these songs on my “FRESHNESSS” playlist on Spotify and while you’re at it check out my Soundcloud below. I’ve got three mixes on there and a fourth one is coming soon.
Happy Friday and positive vibes to you all!


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