The Deep End

So first of all, Happy New Moon in Aquarius! This is a time to reflect and chill instead of Netflix and chill and actually get in touch with your emotions instead of just pushing them aside. So it comes in quite handy that today’s New Music Friday is full of emotional songs with pretty deep lyrics. Here we go…

First of all, Alina Baraz released her new single “Trust” 4 days ago and it’s a really beautiful unconventional love song. And my favourite thing about it is the combination of her soft voice and this dramatic orchestra-like music.

Then you should definitely listen to “You” sung by the beautiful A l l i e and produced by Da-P (a really inspiring producer and DJ).

Can’t Please Everybody” from Kota the Friend’s new project “Lyrics to Go, Vol.1” is a deep 1:47 minutes of realness and a great reminder to keep doing what you’re doing because you’re the only one that knows what will make you happy.

Butterfly” by Cleo Sol is another accumulation of life lessons in a song. “Don’t waste time thinking about the past, soon you’ll be free, at last, forgive those who focus on your dark past, let go of others who broke your heart, set free the friends that decided to part, what’s meant to be, will be” AMEN!

Also listen to “10th Wonder” by KayFaraway and ROMderful!! He’s an upcoming rapper from the UK who’s only got 6,157 Monthly Listeners on Spotify so far but he had me at hello with the first two lines of the song: “Still looking for a purpose, still thinking deeper than the surface”. So definitely listen to what he has to say and get his numbers up!

And what better way to end this list than with a song that’s literally called “Where Do We Go When We Die” by Quinn Lewis. I love when you listen to a song and it makes you feel understood. My favourite line from this song is “Turn the television off, let’s talk more and listen louder” because I truly believe we should listen to understand, not to respond. And also I believe we should all listen to music a bit louder.

That’s it for now…The rest of the new songs, you can find on my FRESHNESSS playlist, as always. And definitely listen to J Hus new album “Big Conspiracy”. He is my favourite UK Rapper for a reason!!

Love and release!


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