Happy Love Day everyone! I would like to take today, to take a moment and acknowledge all the love I have in my life. People get caught up in #relationshipgoals so easily and while chasing this idea of the perfect partner they forget how many people truly love them, unconditionally!

I know it might sound corny as hell to you, but love starts within yourself. Make sure you treat yourself like someone you love. When you love someone you want the best for them, you encourage them to chase their dreams, you believe in them. So start by treating yourself this way. When you want what’s best for yourself, you’re 111% more like to get it. Why? Because you actually believe that you deserve it. We attract what we believe. So when you radiate love, it will return to you tenfold!

What we all are actually looking for is to be accepted and loved the way that we are. So why are we trying so hard to convince people of our worth, when there are soo many people right there that have been loving us unconditionally all along? So today ask yourself who’s always been there, who can you call when shit goes down? Who do you know will drop everything and come over when you need them? Make sure you tell them you love and appreciate them, today and throughout the year.

And now smile, be grateful and listen to my Valentine’s Mix ❤ It’s filled with love!





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