Why Tinashe’s Joyride will bring you joy

So on April 13 Tinashe will finally, finally, finally release the album that we have been waiting for since 2015! No joke, it’s almost been 3 years since the first announcement. So look Tinashe, we really don’t want no drama-ma-a but why did it take you so long? Remember in school when you had to turn in a group project and the other kids in your group were lazy af so you missed the deadline? Yeah that’s probably what happened here because there are quite a few features on this album; “Faded Love” with Future, “No Drama” with Offset and the upcoming (probably this Friday) “Me So Bad” with French Montana & Ty Dolla $ign. All jokes aside though, here’s the tracklist and some reasons why this album will live up to its expectations:

Joyride Tinashe Tracklist

  1. The album includes a collaboration with the Swedish band “Little Dragon”!!! Now I know what you’re thinking… Who the hell is Little Dragon? But I can almost guarantee you that you all know them from their epic song “Wildfire” with SBTRKT. Just google it you’ll be like “Oooh that one!”. The song titled “Stuck With Me” just screams super vibey creative overflow sound!
  2. Tinashe has matured a lot since her first 2012 mixtape “In Case We Die“, which is an incredible piece of art and sadly most of you have probably never heard it. Also Fun Fact: It features a bonus track called “Chainless” which was the inspiration behind…you already know!
  3. The fact that the first singles from her new album are very danceable fun chunes is quiet a promise that there will be some deeper tracks in the mix as well. Those of you who have been with Tinashe for some time will remember songs like “The Last Night On Earth” from her first mixtape “In Case We Die”, “Another Me” from 2012 mixtape “Reverie”, and “Bated Breath” from her 2014 debut album “Aquarius”. But even her last project “Nightride” included gems like “Spacetime” and “Lucid Dreaming”.

I will stop right here and leave you with some homework to catch up on this brilliant artist. Enjoy.




Whole Wide World Cover by Berhana

The ones of you who know, probably know Berhana for his single “Grey Luh” from his 2016 debut EP. His latest release is a genius cover of the 1977 rock single “Whole Wide World” by English singer Wreckless Eric.

By transforming the up-tempo guitar and drums track into a smooth dreamy piano chords, background choir piece with the occasional aloha tone, Berhana successfully manages to match sound with lyrical message. “When I was a young boy my momma said to me, there’s only one girl in the world for you and she probably lives in Tahiti”, he sings following a hilarious comment of a voice coming from the background asking him “Why you staring out that dirty window? Don’t you know that you are looking like a bitch right now dawg why you keep crying?”.

Ro James New EP “Smoke”

After Ronnie James Tucker left us with his debut album “Eldorado” two years ago, that featured his most famous super vibey track “Permission”, he is now back, tires screeching serving us some major smoke! See what I did there? My personal favourite from this four track EP is the slow track “Special” that is guaranteed to have you in your feelings. “I’m so starstruck when I see you I’m your biggest fan, you hold my heart and you didn’t even have to use your hands baby”, he sings.

For “Lost My Mind” Ro works with a sample from Biggies classic “Big Poppa” to explain how this girl nearly made him lose his mind kinda driving him insane.

Judging from the other two tracks “Devotion” and “Outside The Box (How Bout That)” things seem to be pretty good between them tho 😉

Fun fact: Ro James was born in Stuttgart, Germany.