Universey sound

In 2017, one of my favourite poets Cleo Wade posted a quote on her Instagram saying “I know ‘universey’ is not a word, but isn’t it crazy how many things are just so damn universey?”
This word resonated with me immediately and I have been using it very frequently ever since and so here are my favourite universey songs for you.

Musiq Soulchild – The Moon (feat. Neil deGrasse Tyson)Musiq Soulchild Feel The Real Album
This song is truly a gem. I mean, it starts out with a sample of an episode of Cosmos (one of the most amazing shows on this planet lol ‘planet’) by Neil deGrasse Tyson comparing love to “a new electromagnetic force of nature which is as boundless as the multiverse itself”. It’s a beautiful love song with a lot of depth and soul. What I love most about it is that the piano sound in the background reminds of stars twinkling and the whole song consists of universey metaphors.

Common – The Light
Common The Light
Even though this song is over 18 years old it is still timeless which is probably owed to the sample of “Open Your Eyes” by Bobby Caldwell that is used for the chorus. I love that the song is founded on the concept of darkness and light, darkness representing fear and light representing love. My favourite line from this song and probably still one of my favourite lines ever is “If heaven had a height you would be that tall”, which is just an incredibly beautiful universey reference.

Ivy Sole – Life (feat. Dave B)
Ivy Sole Life
Writing this I’m realizing this is not just a list of universey songs but also a list of some of my all time favourite songs right here… Ivy Sole is a female rapper who I personally would describe as a lyrical poet gifted with a very kind and calming voice. On this song she harmonizes with singer Dave B and creates a very dreamy universey sound. Again referring to the concept of light as love and darkness as fear she starts out the song singing “When the midnight comes the stars will help you guide your feet and if it’s meant to be you will end up right here next to me”. But you’ll need to listen to it in order to be able to fully grasp its greatness.

MAX – Meteor
Max Meteor
This song had me at hello…If that’s something that exists for songs. The first few lines spoken like a poem before the music sets in “A meteor bursting through my atmosphere, what’s a star I long to touch, it’s so very near, here I am reaching towards its erupting flame, with thoughts surrounded by your name”. WOAH! Right? Listening to it you feel like you’re drifting through space yourself. It’s just such an artwork of universey lyrics and atmosphere expanding sound.

Jhene Aiko – Frequency
Jhene Aiko Frequency
Do I really need to say anything about this song? Okay for the ones of you who don’t know it I probably should lol… If I feel stressed or out of balance I put on this song, sit with it and find myself returning to myself. That’s how powerful it is. “Frequency” by the beautiful Jhene Aiko is about the fact that we all send out our personal frequencies which consist of our thoughts. If we think positive thoughts we emit positive vibes which lift us to a higher frequency, if we think negative thoughts we emit negative vibes which lower our frequency. That’s why people speak of ‘raising your frequency’ and this is why people ‘level up’ when they decide to better themselves and think more positively, they literally rise up… I could go on about this endlessly… this song is a masterpiece.

Iman Omari – Energy
Iman Omari Energy
In line with what I have just been referring to in terms of frequencies, this song is basically talking about the same thing. “I only see one thing in this world that I need, no war coming from me, just want the love’s chemistry, good vibes and inner-key, is all I feel surrounding, if it’s not on your level, then why don’t you just let it be”. The war he is talking about here represents negative energy. He is basically saying he only emits positive vibes and is only seeking love, so if you’re not on his level/frequency then you should just stay out of his way. That’s pretty much the definition of a universey song right here.

Chris McClenney – Gravity
Chris McClenney Gravity
Oh what a song! Playing with the concept of gravity representing a sense of being grounded within yourself and the concept of light representing love. “Drifting out of space, all I see is black, lost my sense of place, can’t find my way back, but a lightyear away, I can still see your heart shinning”. Simply beautifully universey.

Past Lives – BORNS
Past Lives Borns
This song had to be included on this list because what is more universey than the concept of past lives?? Also in contrast to the other songs this one right here, even though starting out slowly, is a very danceable planet party song! “Through all of my lives I’d never thought I’d wait so long for you, the timing is right, the stars are aligned, so save that heart for me, cause girl you know that you’re my destiny, respect to the moon, the stars, their sons and their daughters, our love is deeper than the oceans of water”. Do I need to say more? *drops Mic*

What does music mean to you?

When I think about a constant in my life I always return back to music.

Music really is life. Tones are vibrations. Our world consists of vibrations. Each song has its own unique vibrational pattern and every moment in our life does too.

When we think back to different moments and times in our lives we also think back to specific songs and sounds that we connect with them.

Sometimes we hear a song and it makes us think back to a specific moment or a specific time or event in our lives. It either makes us happy or sad. When we’re sad we can turn to sad music to embrace our feeling or we can choose to turn to happy music so that it can lift up our mood. There are also certain songs that no matter how sad we are when we hear them we can’t help but smile.

Sometimes I wake up with a song stuck in my head and I am certain that it is because that song is related to what I’ve just been dreaming about, even though I might not remember what it was.

When you remember specific lines from a song it is because your brain has just recalled a memory that is connected to those lyrics and their meaning.

Music is so powerful that when you are dealing with something and a song comes on and its lyrics match your situation it can help you overcome whatever you’ve been faced with. But even the most shallow song, no matter how unspecific and seemingly empty the lyrics, can contain a world full of meaning when connected to something meaningful in our lives.

What makes music special is not the music itself but our relationship with it. That is why everyone loves music but not everyone likes the same type of music or the same songs. The same way everyone likes colour but not everyone likes the same colours. Everyone wants to live but not everyone has the same idea of what that means.

But life without music and music without life would be an empty state of mere existence. That’s why I want to wish each one of you a life filled with music because that is a rich life. And I will continue to provide you with it here on my blog and through my playlists on Spotify.

Lupe Fiasco with the relevant rhymes

On March 11, 2013, 6-month year old Jonylah Watkins dies in Chicago after being shot 5 times from bullets intended to shoot her gang affiliated father who was holding her.

Four days later, on March 15, Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, a rapper from Chicago known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco releases a song imagining how Jonylah’s life could’ve turned out if her father would’ve turned his back on gang life.

In the alternate reality that Lupe Fiasco describes in his song “Jonylah Forever”, Jonylah lives on to become an intelligent young woman dedicating her life to helping others, also crossing path with Hadiya Pendleton (another victim of gun violence shot dead at 15) and eventually saving herself from what happened to her in real life.

Read the lyrics to the song below.

[Verse 1]
How about them bullets ain’t slow you up
You ain’t really die, we watched you grow up
At 12 months you took your first steps
Awkwardly across the kitchen floor to your best
Your first breaths that we can call words
Were in your father’s lap on November 23rd
And they were “live for me”, and he did for you
Flipped to Neutron and stayed inside the crib for you
And this commitment from your father
Imparted a deep sense of value you’d forever harbor
And we were all so proud as we seen you getting smarter
And bond grow deeper between a mother and a daughter
But you were not a martyr

[Verse 2]
At six, you started reading whole books
At seven, you knew how a brain looked
And could roughly describe, all the different regions
Could tell when we was sick and even knew the reasons
The world wasn’t at peace, gunfire every weekend
But you were hardly there, cause you was always leaving
Field museum, planetarium, aquarium
You saw something special in that tank you were starin’ in
And those moments as a little girl
You realized it was a bigger world
Bigger than the South Side, bigger than Chicago
You were bigger still wanted rims on your car, though
And big ass woofers in your car door
So you could wang like your daddy at the park eating sharks
Went to King where you were teased for being smart
Where you bumped into Hadiya teaching art
You live forever

[Verse 3]
At sixteen is when you got your scholarship
At twenty-two is when you got your doctorate
Even now it’s kind of hard to believe
But your father taught you work hard, and achieve
And you complied, accepted by every medical school you applied
But the coolest thing is when they offered you that high paying slot
You replied: “they need me in the hood” and that’s where you reside
Free clinic, nobody denied
That’s where you heard the shots and quickly ran outside
And saw a man and a van and a bleeding baby in his hands
Fading fast, but you knew she could survive
Did everything you could to keep this girl alive
Stabilized until the ambulance arrived
And in that moment, where you gave your help
I bet you didn’t know that you saved yourself

This is just one of the incredible tracks featured on Lupe Fiasco’s latest album “DROGAS WAVE”.  Listen to the rest here: