Whole Wide World Cover by Berhana

The ones of you who know, probably know Berhana for his single “Grey Luh” from his 2016 debut EP. His latest release is a genius cover of the 1977 rock single “Whole Wide World” by English singer Wreckless Eric.

By transforming the up-tempo guitar and drums track into a smooth dreamy piano chords, background choir piece with the occasional aloha tone, Berhana successfully manages to match sound with lyrical message. “When I was a young boy my momma said to me, there’s only one girl in the world for you and she probably lives in Tahiti”, he sings following a hilarious comment of a voice coming from the background asking him “Why you staring out that dirty window? Don’t you know that you are looking like a bitch right now dawg why you keep crying?”.