Ro James New EP “Smoke”

After Ronnie James Tucker left us with his debut album “Eldorado” two years ago, that featured his most famous super vibey track “Permission”, he is now back, tires screeching serving us some major smoke! See what I did there? My personal favourite from this four track EP is the slow track “Special” that is guaranteed to have you in your feelings. “I’m so starstruck when I see you I’m your biggest fan, you hold my heart and you didn’t even have to use your hands baby”, he sings.

For “Lost My Mind” Ro works with a sample from Biggies classic “Big Poppa” to explain how this girl nearly made him lose his mind kinda driving him insane.

Judging from the other two tracks “Devotion” and “Outside The Box (How Bout That)” things seem to be pretty good between them tho 😉

Fun fact: Ro James was born in Stuttgart, Germany.