The Soul Sisters

Listen up! The two Nigerian-American sisters Ivana and Jessica Nwokike, who originally started out covering songs on Youtube, officially known as “VanJess” just released their debut album “Silk Canvas” and it is just as soulful, soothing and beautiful as I expected it to be. Also I really love the meaning behind the album name, Silk representing the smoothness of their voices and the Canvas signifying new beginnings and starting over fresh. This is also crazily in line with the longest lunar eclipse of the century taking place tonight…coincidence? I don’t think so!

The song formula of this album is a good bass base, a chill tone of voice and deep metaphorical lyricism. The album starts off slow and calm with songs like “My Love” and “Control Me” and then moves on to more upbeat tracks like “Touch The Floor” and energetically uplifting ones like “Through Enough” and “‘Til Morning”.

I would also like to mention the brilliance of choice of features on this project; Masego, GoldLink, Berhana (which I have featured on here before), Leikeli47 and Little Simz! Whut? *sparkles*

My personal favorites are “Filters” and “Best Believe” and if you’ve been listening to my Spotify playlists (find me “chainless11”) you should already know the songs “Addicted” and “Easy”. Regardless, just listen to the whole thing yourself, enjoy and Happy Lunar Eclipse everyone!


The 4 new projects you should listen to

This Friday we’ve been blessed with not only 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 really good new projects. All of them are a bit different in genre and therefore I’d suggest listening to them in different scenarios and settings. Here we go:

If you enjoy some alone time, taking long walks in nature or just chilling at home with a good book by candle light, I suggest:

Hive Mind by The Internet

The Internet Hive Mind


If you enjoy the finer things in life, like to travel and are very focused on your shit at the same time, I suggest:

Any Minute Now by D-Block Europe & Yxng Bane

D-Block Europe Any Minute Now


If you are sensitive & emotional and like watching sunsets from the pier by the ocean, I suggest:

Boy in Jeans by Ryan Beatty

Ryan Beatty Boy in Jeans


If you like to spend time with your friends, taking trips to the beach, driving around with your bikes, I suggest:

Head In the Clouds by 88Rising

88 Rising Head in the Clouds


My favorite songs from these albums plus some more fresh releases (like Chance The Rapper’s “I Might Need Security”) you can now find on my Freshnesss playlist (updated weekly, every New Music Friday) Enjoy!


Are you taking Not3s?

So one of my favorite UK artists Not3s just released his new album “Take Not3s II” and my expectations have not been dissappointed. Quite the opposite actually. This 10 track project is filled with tunes that are both quotable and danceable (or if man don’t dance then headnoddable).

Let me start right away with my fave track “Just Fine”. Suuuuch a vibe. I quote; “My glow up is a haters hell on Earth, I hope they’re burning well, they sit on watch me shine, doin’ that Big Ben ’cause it’s my time”. Yesss! Another banger on this project is Sit Back Down with my beloved Maleek Berry of course. But this song you already know if you know and are in the knowing. If not, you better sit back down. “James St. Patrick, in a ghost when they see me” – HA!

I’m not gonna go through every single song on here but a general thing about Not3s; This likkle London boy is only 20 years old and has been working on his career since he was about 13 years old. Talking about being focused!! Most of you probably know him from his major hit “Addison Lee”. He was made to do this. Part of his success is certainly due to his ability to rap and sing at the same time. I personally really love his smooth voice. He’s one of the few rappers whose songs I would put as my morning alarm. Yeh I like to wake up slowly, I don’t know maybe you prefer being shouted at by Meek Mill. To each his own.

Anyways….musically this album has a lot to offer as well. “Neverland” features a vibey electric guitar a la Santana, “Palm Wine” has this Island Ting Sound that I love love love and “Trekked Like Me” does not only feature AJ Tracey but a completely unheard beat as well. You gotta listen to it in order to understand.

Another thing I like about Not3s is that his style and flow is super smooth and his lines are effortless and witty at the same time. Take this line from “Stressing Me” for example; “Take your cake and your recipe ’cause I need to make my dough”. Pretty smart innit? Eddie Murphy Meme.jpg

But listen to the album yourself. And if you get the chance to sit by the beach and look at palm trees make sure you play “Palm Wine” while doing so. Truss mi!