The Jungle Is The Only Way Out

Singer, songwriter, producer, poet,…the list goes on. Mereba is what I would call a relevant artist in today’s times. Even though I don’t like categorising anyone I would go as far as to say that she is like the female version of Frank Ocean. And the visuals to her album “The Jungle Is The Only Way Out” are attesting to that.

This album is filled with blooming wisdom carefully woven into the most beautiful soundscapes enlightened by her angelic voice. She really had me with the intro “more” where she lists all the things she (and really each one us us) should do more of like writing, listening to your inner voice, being passionate, giving unconditional love, not caring about what other people say and walking away from everything that’s no longer serving you.

And listening to the album you will realize that every single song contains valuable lessons that Mereba is generously sharing with us. So here’s a list of the songs and contained life lessons.

The truly important things in life are hidden treasures that can’t be bought with money.

Highway 10 
Know your worth, leave the things behind that don’t serve you on your journey.

Black Truck
The hard times shape you into what you are destined to be. Listen to your intuition.

dodging the evil 
Resist temptation, stay focused on what you want because what you focus on, you become.

Heatwave (feat. 6LACK)
Racism is real.

Get Free
There is a difference between living and truly being alive.

My One 
Don’t let anything take you away from what you’re passionate about.

on the rocks
Nothing really loved is lost. (direct quote)

Planet U
Real love that opens you up to another dimension exists.

Stay Tru
Don’t deceive yourself and don’t let yourself be deceived by anyone else.

Sandstorm (feat. JID)
Relationships should help you grow, not tie you down.

Time is the most precious thing we have.

Below you find the beautiful visuals, I promise it will be worth the 7 minutes of your day. Enjoy!



Ivy Sole got soul

I first fell in love with Ivy Sole’s amazing poetical talent when I heard her song “Life” with Dave B., which has been one of my all time favorite songs ever since that I always come back to when I feel emotional or find myself in deep thought about life. I recommend listening to it while looking down at the passing clouds from a plane window. Now, needless to say I’ve been looking forward to this album because I feel like this 25 year old artist is filling a gap in the midst of externally motivated female rap, reminding us of the essence of the art which is poetry with a deeper underlying message. Ivy Sole is like this magical girl at a poetry slam that gets you really emotional because she makes you think. And isn’t that what art is supposed to do?

Explaining the meaning behind the cover art of her album “Overgrown”, in an interview with Billboard, she says: “There’s something about being close to death every day that makes you want to really value and cherish the life that you have” and “There are parts of me that have been put to rest and I am outgrowing those former selves.” See what I mean? This girl got depth!

Talking about her album, I am in love with the little details like the sound of ocean waves crashing onto the shore on “Lovely Fiction” and a car engine starting in the beginning of “Backwoods”. Also the fact that she, very subtly, samples my favorite motivational Instagram personality @jstlbby on “Overgrown” and at the end of “How High”.

Her lyrics read like poetry, and lines like “Spaceships don’t come equipped with rearview mirrors, so I’m staring down my future finding space to see it clearer” just amaze me and make me smile really hard. If I would have to pick a track of the project as my favorite I would probably choose “Bones” because it is basically a really beautiful, not corny, love poem and things like that just get me.

Now the saddest song on the album is definitely “Bloom” which Ivy wrote for a friend that had recently passed away. “The sun was on the way to you next, it must’ve known you needed light for your steps, dark path, dark past, it enlightened us but it’s heavy sometimes it dims the bright in us”. Damn! Yeah I know…

All in all Ivy Sole’s album is a very whole project that is honest and bold and exactly the kind of realness that this world needs more of. Oh and in addition to that its sound is very soulfully beautiful and diversified. Plus, unconventional features like the one by Ghanaian artist B4bonah are just very much on point.

So, listen and enjoy!

Are you taking Not3s?

So one of my favorite UK artists Not3s just released his new album “Take Not3s II” and my expectations have not been dissappointed. Quite the opposite actually. This 10 track project is filled with tunes that are both quotable and danceable (or if man don’t dance then headnoddable).

Let me start right away with my fave track “Just Fine”. Suuuuch a vibe. I quote; “My glow up is a haters hell on Earth, I hope they’re burning well, they sit on watch me shine, doin’ that Big Ben ’cause it’s my time”. Yesss! Another banger on this project is Sit Back Down with my beloved Maleek Berry of course. But this song you already know if you know and are in the knowing. If not, you better sit back down. “James St. Patrick, in a ghost when they see me” – HA!

I’m not gonna go through every single song on here but a general thing about Not3s; This likkle London boy is only 20 years old and has been working on his career since he was about 13 years old. Talking about being focused!! Most of you probably know him from his major hit “Addison Lee”. He was made to do this. Part of his success is certainly due to his ability to rap and sing at the same time. I personally really love his smooth voice. He’s one of the few rappers whose songs I would put as my morning alarm. Yeh I like to wake up slowly, I don’t know maybe you prefer being shouted at by Meek Mill. To each his own.

Anyways….musically this album has a lot to offer as well. “Neverland” features a vibey electric guitar a la Santana, “Palm Wine” has this Island Ting Sound that I love love love and “Trekked Like Me” does not only feature AJ Tracey but a completely unheard beat as well. You gotta listen to it in order to understand.

Another thing I like about Not3s is that his style and flow is super smooth and his lines are effortless and witty at the same time. Take this line from “Stressing Me” for example; “Take your cake and your recipe ’cause I need to make my dough”. Pretty smart innit? Eddie Murphy Meme.jpg

But listen to the album yourself. And if you get the chance to sit by the beach and look at palm trees make sure you play “Palm Wine” while doing so. Truss mi!