Snoh with the warm feels

Today I got a little beautiful gem for you. Snoh Aalegra just released her new single “I Want You Around” that features one of my favourite artists Leven Kali on the background vocals by the way (read my blog post about him here). And I don’t just want you to listen to the song, I want you to watch the video while listening to it for the first time. I feel like a lot of music videos nowadays fail to fulfil their purpose which is to enhance the song and emphasise its deeper meaning. For me, a great music video is like art. It’s more than just about telling a story, it’s colours, lights, setting, interaction between characters, camera angles, filters and little details that underline metaphors and references.

Now, if you’re thinking that you’ve never heard of Snoh Aalegra before, I can almost definitely tell you that you have because I’m pretty sure you’ve heard Drake’s single “Do Not Disturb” from his More Life album where he sampled Snoh Aalegra’s single “Time“. The original is a very beautiful and deeply emotional song about her father passing away that Drake took out of context in kind of a rude way to be honest. But anyways…Snoh Aalegra is a very special artist, she has this timeless grace and beauty almost like she’s time travelled to the future from another time. I had the chance to see her perform live at a small club, last time I was in Los Angeles and she definitely wowed me.

Enjoy this short little romantic movie. Also, shout out to Snoh for reminding us of the greatness of Stevie Wonder’s “Innervisions” album.

Drake let the scorpion out the box

So the new Drake album is finally out. If you don’t live on Mars (even though I’m pretty sure the Martians are listening to Drake as well, you know they have a pretty close connection to Drake through their most famous representative Lil Wayne) you probably know by now that Drake has a son. By the way if you got my joke about Lil Wayne just know, you’re a real one and I appreciate you.

Anyways…what you will also know is the fact that his new album is 25 tracks divided into two parts, one is rapping tough Drake and one is singing emotional Drake. Now I could write a 4-page essay as an album review right here BUT instead I’m just gonna tell you my initial thoughts and leave you to listen to it yourself. That is if you have the day off for some reason because according to my calculations it takes 1 hour 29 minutes and 9 seconds (don’t hold me to it please) to listen to the complete album just once. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So let me say this, and keep in mind that I’m a die-hard Drake fan, always have been always will be: It is not possible to release an album with 25 tracks that are all equally great. It is simply not possible. Even Michael Jackson, the GOAT, never made an album that was longer than 15 songs. Now you can argue, alright but this is basically two albums released at once. One rap album and one singing album. But here’s the thing, you can take the singing Drake out of the rapping Drake but you can’t take the rapping Drake out of the singing Drake (read that again). In my opinion, what makes Drake so great is that he can do both at once, IN ONE SONG. Think back to “Best I Ever Had”. What was your first thought when listening to it for the first time? Mine was: Who the hell is this guy with this amazing distinctive voice that makes rapping and singing at the same time work?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this album is bad. I was just listening to “Nonstop” in the car and woah that beat is everything! Also hello? A Jay-Z feature!! Hell yes! And even more so, a Michael Jackson feature? Hell to the Yes, Yes! Reincarnating a legend, I see you Drake. Does that mean we’re getting a Michael Jackson hologram at the next Drake concert? Just a thought *shrugs shoulders* And my favorite song on the album “Emotionless”; that Mariah Carey sample is beautifully used and the lyrics are so so real. (Go to now and read the entire second verse #realness) And last but not least, probably my favorite line on the album “House on both coasts, but I live on the charts”. That definitely made me chuckle.

Arrrright…So to sum it up:
“Scorpion” is a good album!
From now on every girl will play “Ratchet Happy Birthday” on her birthday at least once.
Drake is a good father and he’s taking care of his son, so chill people thanks.
This album could have been great if he would’ve cut it down to less songs.

So now I leave you to make up your own mind about it. Enjoy!

Heatwave forecast for June

Attention fellow advocates of real good music. I know, I know man’s not hot but you should consider leaving your jacket in the closet because June will be a very heated month. Here’s a list of the artists releasing their new projects in June – after Pusha T’s album on May 25 which is produced by Kanye:

June 1 – Kanye West

June 8 – Kid Cudi (joint project with Kanye titled “Kids See Ghosts”)
June 8 – Jorja Smith (debut album, not produced by Kanye titled “Lost & Found”)

June 15 – Nas (produced by Kanye)

June 22 – Teyana Taylor (also produced by Kanye, duh)

And of course Drake’s new album titled “Scorpion” (exact release date tba) – not produced by Kanye…or is it? Nah, the executive producers on this project are Noah “40” Shebib and Oliver El-Khatib, but after their little vacation in Wyoming it is pretty safe to say that Drake will appear as a feature on Kanye’s new album.

So my suggestion is to make a little adjustment to our calenders this year to:
January, February, March, April, May, Kanye, July, August, September, October, November, December.

I’ll let you start your mental preparation now and in order to make the wait more bearable for you here’s my Freshnesss playlist where you’ll find the freshest of the fresh releases updated every New Music Friday. You’re welcome.