Nicki is back!

After completely disappearing from Instagram to focus on her music, Nicki Minaj is finally back with two new singles which she premiered today on Beats1 Radio. The tracks titled “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz” are classic cheeky Nicki style. A little vulgar, a little sassy, sarcastic but serious at the same time.

On “Chun-Li” Nicki is channeling her inner Street Fighter (Chun-Li is the first female fighting character of the game Street Fighter). “Ayo, look like I’m going for a swim, dunk on em, now I’m swinging off the rim, bitch ain’t coming off the bench, while I’m coming off the court fully drenched, here goes some haterade, get ya thirst quenched”, she raps over the serious beat which gives you the feeling that she just entered the boxing ring ready to take a first swing at her haters. She seems ready to attack and confident to win at the same time. “They need rappers like me, they need rappers like me, so they can get on their fucking keyboards and make me the bad guy, Chun-Li”, she responds to the hate she has gotten in the past especially after her beef with Remy Ma. Once again she is making clear that she is essential to the rap game and that she is definitely here to stay, and her haters are just there to confirm her significance.

On “Barbie Tingz” Nicki is also addressing her haters, especially other female rappers, but in a more playful way, making clear that she is the original “Rap bitches tell they team, Make ’em like Barbie, had to come off IG so they can’t stalk me, all they do is copy looks, steal music too, want to see what bitches do when they lose the blue-print, I mean the pinkprint, ho, let it sink in”. She’s also addressing her bond with Lil Wayne and Drake “Cause we the big 3, don’t need a big speech, we made the biggest impact, check the spreadsheet, that’s Lil Weezy, the Barbie and Drizzy Drake”. The reason why this is definitely my favourite of the two tracks is because the background claps on the chorus when she goes “Let’s be real, all you bitches wanna look like me”, is a perfect hommage to her historical “Itty Bitty Piggy” track. I’m talking big time Old Nicki nostalgia over here.

All in all, two solid Nicki tracks, controversial enough to make a nice entrance to initiate a grand comeback. Now we can’t wait for this album, which she states to be her best work up to date. Also later on today “Anybody”, a new Young Thug track featuring Nicki, will be released so stay tuned and Happy Nicki Day!

Leven Kali – Artist to Watch

So this 23 year old singer, songwriter and producer has been out for a couple of years now but he got his first shine with a feature on a track called “Flex” on Playboy Carti’s mixtape in 2017. Also the song “Time” by Snoh Aalegra which became popular after it was sampled on Drake’s More Life track “Do Not Disturb”, was actually written by Snoh Aalegra and Leven Kali together.

With his parents both being musicians, Kali was basically born to do this. Originally from the Netherlands, he’s been living in Santa Monica, California for most of his life and he definitely corporates that Cali vibe into his music. But what makes him special is that he’s not just simply providing us with feel good music. His 2016 track “Joy” is a genius mix of highly relevant political lyrics and optimistic sound.

“Around the world man, Need some peace on earth man, asking for a change, oh I’m praying for some (JOY), man they blowing up France and they killing kids in class, so we need a little (JOY), now you might feel it take too long, but we gon’ fight and keep on marching to our dream”, is the third verse of the song which ends with a quote of Martin Luther King’s most famous speech “So even though, we face the difficulties, of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream!”

Leven Kali’s latest gem is the single “Do U Wrong” featuring Syd’s angelic voice and he’s going to release new music soon. So stay tuned!