The Jungle Is The Only Way Out

Singer, songwriter, producer, poet,…the list goes on. Mereba is what I would call a relevant artist in today’s times. Even though I don’t like categorising anyone I would go as far as to say that she is like the female version of Frank Ocean. And the visuals to her album “The Jungle Is The Only Way Out” are attesting to that.

This album is filled with blooming wisdom carefully woven into the most beautiful soundscapes enlightened by her angelic voice. She really had me with the intro “more” where she lists all the things she (and really each one us us) should do more of like writing, listening to your inner voice, being passionate, giving unconditional love, not caring about what other people say and walking away from everything that’s no longer serving you.

And listening to the album you will realize that every single song contains valuable lessons that Mereba is generously sharing with us. So here’s a list of the songs and contained life lessons.

The truly important things in life are hidden treasures that can’t be bought with money.

Highway 10 
Know your worth, leave the things behind that don’t serve you on your journey.

Black Truck
The hard times shape you into what you are destined to be. Listen to your intuition.

dodging the evil 
Resist temptation, stay focused on what you want because what you focus on, you become.

Heatwave (feat. 6LACK)
Racism is real.

Get Free
There is a difference between living and truly being alive.

My One 
Don’t let anything take you away from what you’re passionate about.

on the rocks
Nothing really loved is lost. (direct quote)

Planet U
Real love that opens you up to another dimension exists.

Stay Tru
Don’t deceive yourself and don’t let yourself be deceived by anyone else.

Sandstorm (feat. JID)
Relationships should help you grow, not tie you down.

Time is the most precious thing we have.

Below you find the beautiful visuals, I promise it will be worth the 7 minutes of your day. Enjoy!



You NEED some NAAZ

You don’t know who NAAZ is? If you’re reading this it’s not too late! NAAZ is a Kurdish girl from the Netherlands who’s only 19 years old. She writes, records and produces her music herself in her freaking bedroom (wow, I know right?) and even though I haven’t met her I feel like she’s the most authentic and sincere person ever. This shows in her lyrics which are like little beautiful poems scribbled into a notebook. In fact, this is how she discovered her love for music, by starting to sing the poems she had been writing since she was 6 years old. You know how they say some people are really old souls? That is definitely the case with NAAZ.

Her debut single “Words” was released a year ago when she had just started producing herself but that just proves she was born to do this. The track (which is my personal favorite by her) is also featured on her debut EP “Bits of NAAZ” which just dropped two days ago on April 20. There are 8 songs on the EP and each one tells a story. I would describe her sound as hopeful, honest and liberating. Her music is meaningful but not heavy, which is not an easy thing to create. Her EP tells a story about taking risks, going for your goals, believing in yourself and living life to the fullest. Her song “Pretty” is an anthem about embracing who you are; “Sometimes I’m insecure, at least I’m sure ’bout that, but does it really matter when I know it ain’t all ’bout that, you can go feel my energy, it’s nothing but good vibes, nothing really matters, no I ain’t gotta hide”, she sings. And we’re all like hell yeah! Good vibes only!

So what are you waiting for? Go listen to her NOW!

Oh wait! One more thing, NAAZ is a huge Kanye fan and she recorded the most magical otherworldly cover of one of my all-time favorite Kanye songs “Ultralight Beam”, where she even kills Chance The Rapper’s part, so make sure you go check that out on Spotify as well! K, now you can go.

Leven Kali – Artist to Watch

So this 23 year old singer, songwriter and producer has been out for a couple of years now but he got his first shine with a feature on a track called “Flex” on Playboy Carti’s mixtape in 2017. Also the song “Time” by Snoh Aalegra which became popular after it was sampled on Drake’s More Life track “Do Not Disturb”, was actually written by Snoh Aalegra and Leven Kali together.

With his parents both being musicians, Kali was basically born to do this. Originally from the Netherlands, he’s been living in Santa Monica, California for most of his life and he definitely corporates that Cali vibe into his music. But what makes him special is that he’s not just simply providing us with feel good music. His 2016 track “Joy” is a genius mix of highly relevant political lyrics and optimistic sound.

“Around the world man, Need some peace on earth man, asking for a change, oh I’m praying for some (JOY), man they blowing up France and they killing kids in class, so we need a little (JOY), now you might feel it take too long, but we gon’ fight and keep on marching to our dream”, is the third verse of the song which ends with a quote of Martin Luther King’s most famous speech “So even though, we face the difficulties, of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream!”

Leven Kali’s latest gem is the single “Do U Wrong” featuring Syd’s angelic voice and he’s going to release new music soon. So stay tuned!