Pink Sweat$ – Artist to Watch

So for today’s *Artist to Watch* I want to introduce you to Pink Sweat$. Originally a songwriter from Philadelphia, this guy has now decided to start his own singing career. And I am glad he did! His songwriting story is interesting because he even wrote for Country artists “Florida Georgia Line” which honestly I hadn’t even heard of before. But I think that says a lot about his open-mindedness and his general love for music and meaningful lyrics. Why stick to just one genre when there is great stories to be told in all different types of music?

When reading Pink Sweat$’s interview with Billboard there were a few things he said that made me smile. Talking about the origin of his artist name “Pink Sweat$”, he explained that the name originated from him wearing his pink sweatpants to the studio all the time. The fact that the inspiration behind his love for pink was sparked by Cam’ron just shows that he’s not just a talented singer and songwriter but also a really cool guy.

Another thing I like about Pink Sweat$ is his critical view on the disrespect for women in the music industry especially in rap music and his emphasis on meaningful lyrics that move people and inspire them in a way that makes them want to share the music with others. Essentially he’s taking his talent for writing songs in order to spread more love in this world and I think that is a really beautiful thing.

Having lived in Philadelphia, New York and L.A. and having been strong enough to fight a rare disease that could’ve costed him his life, it seems that he’s found an inner balance that he is now able to channel through his own music. His first EP “Volume 1” consists of six songs that each are special in their own way. I personally am glad that he has decided to sing his own songs because his voice is way too powerful to remain hidden from our ears.

Now if you only ever just listen to one of his songs I want you to listen to “Honesty”. This 3:11 track has touched my soul right when I first listened to it. What makes it so special is that I think everyone can find something in it that they can relate to. The song is about making yourself vulnerable with someone else and revealing parts of yourself that you might prefer to keep to yourself. It is about the type of surrender that is required in order to open up to real profound love. I love it so much because it is encouraging depth and emotions in a time where most people hide behind their masks and protect themselves to the point where they deny their own soul.

Pink Sweat$’s mission is to touch people with his music and he really does have a gift in doing that. I’ve been listening to this EP over and over and I’m excited to know that Volume 2 is in fact already finished and on the way.

Yay Elujay!

YES! YES! YES! One of my favourite artists Elujay just released his new EP “Adojio”. To give you a quick overview, he’s from Oakland, California, only 22 years old and draws his inspiration from soul legends like D’Angelo (he’s perfected that high pitched cry as you can hear on the track “Soulvision”).

If you’ve been listening to my SOUL GLITTER playlist you already know the second track from the EP called “Starchild” and I personally love the first song on this project titled “Spaceship”. As you probably know by now I have an especially close connection with the universe and so this song just speaks directly to my soul. “Come ride in my spaceship, I can show you different planets, all this time left alone, we can throw out our phones, open up our consciousness”, he sings. Towards the end of the song you can hear Ebro (radio host known from the Breakfast Club, also from Oakland) talking about Elujay on Apple radio station Beats 1 praising him for his soul sound. And I mean Ebro knows what’s up! Pretty confident and cool of Elujay to include that on his EP.

Another song I want to highlight is “Blu” because it’s just one of those songs where you can’t help but approvingly nod your head because you feel can feel it. And if you’re wondering now what I mean by “it”, then go listen to the song right now and you’ll know. Then, there’s more universey sound on “Soulvision”, you know talking about watching the stars and stuff and to finish it up, beautiful soulful electric guitar sound on “Champagne Galore”.

And now I just want to take this moment to thank Elujay for blessing us with his music and reminding us that future soul exists. Oh, well that reminds me, if you like this EP then I know you’ll enjoy my FUTURE SOUL playlist as well. Happy listening and happy first of February.

Xtina is finally liberated!

It’s been so long and now one of the best singers of our age is finally back with an album that is not only diverse, danceable, charismatic but also meaningful and touching.

When you click play on “Liberation” you immediately get pulled into an emotional stream of what sounds like a dramatical movie soundtrack. Flowing effortlessly into “Searching for Maria”, the intro to the next song “Maria”, Christina takes you on a journey, narrating her own life story about the struggles of a teenage popstar. She has this gift of telling heavily emotional stories through her lyrics that will have you both empathize with and be inspired by her. A powerful voice like hers is made to tell powerful stories (think back to classic hits like “Fighter” or “Beautiful”).

On “Sick of Sittin” Christina goes on a little rant about her time as judge on American casting show “The Voice”. “I make it a policy not to tell anybody to sit down, I just still encourage everybody else to stand up”, she says. Yess Christina!! #empowerment

“Dreamers” is this epic intro to female empowerment hymn “Fall in Line” with Demi Lovato. On this intro young girls talk about what they want to be when they grow up and it’s the most touching thing ever. The message generally being that you can be whatever the hell you want to be and that you should believe in yourself no matter what. “Fall in Line” is also probably the most powerful song on the whole album. Pure united female power with a message that couldn’t be more current.

Listening to the following track “Right Moves” featuring Jamaican reggae and dancehall queens Keida and Shenseea you will see a completely different side of Christina that I guarantee you will love! At least I do! Yeah haters will say “oh and where’s the deep message in this one?” *rolls eyes* shut yo mouth and move di hips (I’m saying this in my fake Jamaican accent if you couldn’t tell) Oh and can we please get a music video to this one? Thanks! #viiiiibes

The next one “Like I Do” with GoldLink is just a piece of art that I won’t comment on any further. It speaks for itself. Musically immaculate and great use of varying vocal tone. #applause

“Deserve” gives me a little flashback to Back to Basics tracks “Understand” and “Without You”. Probably not my favourite track on the album because of its slightly exaggerated romantic dramatic but still solid and beautiful.

The song “Twice” can be in part seen a bit like a sequel to  “Maria” where she says “I’d do it all again and won’t think twice”. So #noregretsjustlessonslearned

My opinion on “Accelerate” you already know or if you don’t you can read it here

Alright I didn’t think I would but I guess I’m really going through every single song on this album. *shrugs shoulders* I’m guessing if you hate Christina Aguilera you’ve stopped reading at this point anyways so here we go…

Next one is “Pipe” with artist XNDA. Yeah I know I had nooo idea who that was. I googled him and not even knows. I’ll give you an update as soon as I find out because I think he sounds pretty promising. Funny enough this track kinda gives me Tinashe vibes. So if you’re reading this T you should definitely make a cover version of this I think it would be pretty fire.

The second to last song “Masochist” is about an unhealthy relationship that it is hard to escape from “And maybe I’m just too damaged to really know what’s good for me” and “Cause loving you is so bad for me but I just can’t walk away”, Christina sings. We feel you girl! Way to stand up for female empowerment while still admitting weaknesses. #keepitreal #embraceyourflaws

Last but not least, or should I say the best comes last…Is that a saying? If you have a heart, this song will touch you. Guaranteed! “Unless It’s With You” is this super romantic ballad about love. And I have to say considering the amount of love songs that are out there already it’s pretty hard to come out with something that feels just slightly like something you haven’t heard before. But Christina you did it. *sobs* Just listen to the song. I can’t imagine that you won’t love it.